Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Villains, Re-Imaged

If you’ve ever seen a Disney movie you know that Disney villains are some of the best.  We love to hate them, and they make somewhat of an icon out of themselves.  They are easily recognizable and are associated with evil, terror, and their own brand of nastiness.  In fact, for a while the public has had a love-hate relationship with them, buying merchandise that sports their favorite bad-guy/girl.  For me, Scar was always the perfect villain, with his low-key snarky comments and sarcasm… his plan always worked better in his narcissistic head than in reality.  And that was the thing with Disney villains, their uniqueness set them apart from not only their fellow characters but other baddies as well.

Well it seems the Disney store doesn’t really get that.  Featured on their website is a whole section dedicated to the villains, and included in that section is a “designer” line that’s main purpose seems to be cookie-cutting our beloved characters into emotionless skinny divas.  The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Mother Gothel, and Cruella De Vil feature prominently on this page squeezed into high-fashion mermaid gowns, as well as Ursula and the Queen of Hearts sporting A-line flouncy gowns with teeny waists (which they do not have in the films).

So here we are… With villains of all shapes and sizes suddenly very similar.  No personality traits to be found, just nose-in-the-air poses and avoidance of eye-contact.  And the badass bigger chicks are no more so.  Because this is stylish and apparently what consumers want.

Also these makeovers only go to the female villains.  What, we don’t dare put Gaston in an Armani suit? Or slap some muscles on Jafar? Because that’s what’s stylish, you know!

Now that's more like it.  Look at all that personality! *sigh*

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  1. Ugh, the worst thing is that they are just so poorly done - incredibly generic "fashion" poses. *Maybe* the Cruella example gets an extra half point for the movement of the fur cloak. Maybe.