Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Villains Merch Follow-Up

Not long after my last post, in which I commented on the terrible re-imaging of Disney Villains, I came across these designs on the Disney Parks Blog released by Noah, an artist who has done quite a few designs for Disney recently.  

It’s more villain merch, but I must say these are better done, in that they at least capture the personality and uniqueness behind the characters.  They also look absolutely terrifying, which is what they inherently are to begin with, as opposed to the passively-posed starved diva designs I presented last week.  

The only thing I can comment on here is I’d like to see less gendering of the products.  Noah even talks in the article about separating the male and female characters respectively to “guys” and “ladies.”  As I said last week, my favorite villain is Scar but here only female villains are on the female clothing and vice versa.  I could of course buy the male version but it would be nice to have a choice in the matter.  At least the skateboard decks depict both sexes!

But aside from this critique, kudos to Noah for his ability to take artistic liberties while still holding true to what makes these characters fun to love and hate in the first place.

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