Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Take on Limited Time Magic

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Disney Parks’ Limited Time Magic philosophy they’ve adopted this year.  It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly they are trying to promote.  Some LTM events are a throwback to great moments in Park history.  The Golden Horseshoe Tribute show gave modern guests a taste of the kinds of shows that once took place regularly in the venue.  There’s a rumor of “Long Lost Friends” characters making appearances the week of January 20th-26th.   Other LTM events create new opportunities to create memories in a way you won’t get to again at a later time.  New Orleans Square Bayou Bash is coming up at DLR and the Canada Pavillion at Epcot is getting some snow flurries this week.  And then there are the Parks commercials, which describes certain trips as an experience that won’t last forever (a teenage girl with her family, a young boy with his visiting grandparents).  The motives behind LTM seem plenty, but it definitely will pay off to keep up with the festivities his year, as you may want to plan a trip around one form of magic rather than miss it forever.

But I’ve been looking at LTM a little differently lately.  I wouldn’t describe Limited Time Magic as the theme of this year only.  How many of you would love to go “back in time” to experience something in the Parks that has since been removed or replaced?  There are so many attractions or shows or restaurants, etc. that simply are gone and aren’t coming back.  Tahitian Terrace? Limited Time Magic. Horizons? Limited Time Magic. The Hatbox Ghost? Limited Time Magic. I could go on but I think you’re all getting my point.

Light Magic: Limited Time... well, ok maybe not "Magic"

The thing is, Limited Time Magic reminds us that we should live every Disney trip as our last as we know it.  Some of you may know that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad recently went under refurbishment and will be opening back up less one Rainbow Ridge.  Was there any way I knew on my last DLR trip (2 years ago) that that would be the last time I’d see that bit of history? Nope.  It was LTM just waiting to happen.  Anything is possible, folks.  Don’t limit the scope of LTM to this year’s trips and you may have a more enriched experience, in more ways than one!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mother Gothel: The Modern Day Villain

The first time I watched Tangled there was something about the villain, Mother Gothel, that really got under my skin.  And I know the bad guy (or girl) is supposed to be troubling and unlikable, but this was something else.  It took me a bit to put my finger on it, and when I did it brought me back to my middle school days.  I had a best friend who was terribly insecure and when I met her mother I finally understood why.  There was always something she had to say to make the air uncomfortable.  And that was when I was present!  I had an idea of the things she would regularly say to her daughter from the little she would confide in me, but lots of subtle put-downs were the norm. 

I’ve compiled a list of most of Mother Gothel’s snarky side comments to Rapunzel.  They’re easier to digest coming from a known fictional villain.  However, if you take a minute to picture a modern suburban wife, exasperated with her life and taking it out on her adolescent (and subsequently insecure) daughter, you may become defensive as I did.  She’s quite different than the murderous villains Disney usually chooses to portray.   In this case vanity and self-serving attitude are the driving forces behind her evil doings, and unfortunately hurtful comments are more common in the real world than poisoned apples.

“I don’t know why it takes so long” (After Rapunzel completed an exhausting hair elevator-pull.)
“I see a strong confident beautiful young lady. Oh look you’re here too.”
“Stop with the mumbling… blah blah blah it’s very annoying”
“Oh I’m just teasing”
“Sloppy, ditzy, vague, chubby, na├»ve, etc.”
“you know I hate leaving you after a fight, especially when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong”
“Great, now I’m the bad guy” (After yelling at her)
“He likes you?  That’s demented!” “Look at you, you think that he’s impressed?”
“Do you even hear yourself? Why would you ask such a ridiculous question?”