Friday, September 21, 2012

More "Sexy" in the Disney Parks

Found last week by my helpful friend @AtDisneyAgain at the Epcot Art of Disney… these things.

Can we just take a minute and look at what is actually going on here?  These Princesses are sickly, pasty white, unhealthily skinny, and look positively drugged out of their minds.  They look terrible.  Ariel is even posing in a “sexy” position that no one would position themselves in otherwise, thrusting her chest out while her hip and rib bones jut out.  Not a hint of a smile is on any of them, and their cheeks are highlighted with what could either be abstract blush or more visible cheekbones from not eating.  Toothpick arms, heavily caked on makeup, I could go on.

Does this disturb anyone else? The fact that any woman is ever posed or portrayed like this is unnerving, let alone in a Disney park where young guests are susceptible to this kind of imagery.  It reminds me of the kind of thing you would see in models for adult clothing brands to shock you into noticing their clothes. 

Not completely coherent, expressionless, pale.   (See Link A)

Not even remotely coherent, awkward positioning, bony (See Link B)

You can make the argument that this is an art store, and artists often take liberty with their subjects.  But it’s the fact that it is in a Disney park, as if Disney is endorsing such images, that makes this damaging.  This is that line that I discussed in the Sexy Minnie post, and it has once again been crossed.  With the media already doing its part to shake girls’ self-esteem and ideas of acceptable body images, would you want your daughter looking up to Princesses that look like this?

Link A
Link B
Both links today taken from Sociological Images, another site I recommend if you'd like to explore sociology a little deeper.  They have a few Disney related posts that I don't completely agree with but are interesting to examine nonetheless. 

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