Friday, November 9, 2012

Sgt. Calhoun Gets A Makeover

Here's a short little post to hold you over until a bigger Disney merchandise post I'm working on. 

Found this doll of Sgt. Calhoun, the badass "Hero's Duty" Hero from Wreck-It-Ralph, over at the Disney Store Website. Yay! An action figure doll both girls and boys can play with! Right? ... Oh... maybe not.

I'm not an expert on doll hair but I know Ken dolls who had hair more like Sgt. Calhoun than this chick. Let's just hyper-feminize the heck out of one of the least feminine characters in the Disney world. If she were in her wedding outfit I could understand, but this does not look like the lady who called her fellow fighters a bunch of "pussywillows"

Look at those come-hither eyes. Can you picture Jane Lynch voicing this doll? Not me. Come on Disney, not every female character needs to look like a princess, or at least the way you make princesses look.


  1. The hair probably should have been cast from hard plastic rather than relying on "tiny wig technology". It's kind of hilarious, actually! Meanwhile, not sure what to make of the look on her face and the "Vogue"-caliber makeup.

  2. Have to agree. I thought they transplanted Barbie's head on the body. I went on a website to purchase some of the figures and while every other character in the movie had their own, affordable, figure, Calhoun's only lone figure is this one.